My Skincare Routine

I have recently changed up my makeup routine a fair bit, and thought I’d share it with you guys! I’ve been having a few issues in regards to not drinking enough water, changing my diet, hormones, etc, so I have tried to listen to my skin more and have built this routine up from there. For example, I loved the Simple cleansing oil, but although it worked really well, smelt great and made my skin feel smooth, I ended up with clogged pores all over my chin and had to stop using it. So, I’ve taken it back to basics, gone with products that I love and am definitely seeing a difference!

My first step is removing my makeup with the Garnier micellar cleansing water, which I obviously don’t have to do in the mornings though I sometimes do just to freshen up a bit. I squirt a bit of this onto a makeup round and soak my face in it till it’s feeling clean.


My next step it to cleanse, which I do in the morning at the sink and at night in the shower. I use my Vanity Planet ultimate spa system brush for this, with the Simple Face Wash. I tend to opt for the silicone brush head, but occasionally use the exfoliating one or the general one when my skin is feeling sensitive. I like the silicone one as it doesn’t harbor any bacteria. I will also use the St Ives Green Tea Scrub in place of the Simple wash a couple of times a week to give my skin a proper exfoliate every now and then.



As soon as I get out of the shower, I tone with Witchazel, which I have decanted into spray bottle to make it easier for me to use. I try to do this immediately, as the sooner you tone after cleansing the better. I’ll then use my acne treatment (clindatech), and then when that has sunk in, I’ll go in with the Simple Light Moisturiser. I used to love using the NUXE oil and I still like it, but I feel it’s a bit heavy on my skin these days, so I’ll only use it occasionally.



If needed, I’ll do some extra things. If my skin feels particularly disgusting, I’ll use a homemade sugar scrub (see the recipe here), and follow up with a face mask or pore strip. Read about my favourite face masks here! I’ve also really been liking this Kmart branded one with charcoal, jojoba and clay in it recently. Tip: always use a makeup brush to apply a facemask – minimizes wastage, is more hygienic and goes on smoother!

If I go with a pore strip, it will usually be a Biore one.

A love of mine recently has been the Mario Badesco drying lotion, which I apply overnight to dry out spots and it really does work! Buy off beautybay though – shopping for Mario Badesco in Sephora or Mecca in Australia is very expensive.

I’m really bad at remembering, but if I do, I like to put eye cream on at night. Literally any one I have at the time will do!



Is your skincare routine any different to mine?

Zoe x

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My Favourite Body Moisturisers

For us in Australia, it’s the middle of winter which means dry as hell skin. For everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the middle of summer, meaning you want to keep your tan for as long as you can.

The solution to both? Moisturiser! It’s so important to moisturise at all times of the year, but I thought right now was the perfect time to share with you my most used and favourite body moisturisers.


Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Buttercream
I had been eyeballing this moisturiser for close on a couple of years, every time I walked into Mecca Cosmetica I’d slather my arms in it. It just smells like cake! Vanilla, almond and pistachio… it’s heaven. The other day, I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to buy it. It’s such a rich, beautiful moisturiser that’s lightly whipped and sinks in fast. The smell is super sweet and I’m all about it. Soap and Glory do moisturisers so well!

Natio Skin Nutrition Body Lotion
This moisturiser is light and liquidy and smells like a spa. It’s great for those days you want a bit of moisture but don’t want to be slathered in crap for hours. Perfect for the warmer months.

Body Shop Monoi Body Balm & Grapefruit Body Butter
I live for a good Body Shop body butter (you’ll see I have two pictured!) as they’re really just a cult classic for a great reason. This franjapeni (Monoi) scent I’m not sure they do anymore, but their Monoi range is all the same scent.

Dove Summer Glow (for light to medium skin)

This moisturiser is a gradual tanner and I really like it – I’ve been using it for years. Only problem is that it does come off with sweat; in school I was wearing shin guards and when I took them off I only had the little air holes left of tan on my legs. Not a good look for someone as pale as me to have symmetrical orange spots climing up their shins!

NUXE oil

If you’re after something light, maybe an oil is for you. I use the NUXE oil on my face every day and my hair every now and then, and it works really well as a body moisturiser. Oils are a bit sticky for a while though, so maybe it’s only best just before bed.

Zoe x

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