How To: Prepare For A Big Event

I sat down to write this post in June, when I had recently had my brother’s wedding, my graduation and a last minute (literally the night before) university ball, but things came up, I forgot to finish writing it, you know how it is. Life happens. But, finally, I have the time and motivation to get it done which I think is a great thing – as it comes into Spring for Southern Hemisphere folk we have spring races and summer parties to prep for, while everyone has end of year parties, fall, Halloween, Christmas, everything. There is literally no better time to talk about prepping for events than now – so this all worked out well in the end!




My first big tip is to plan out all the things you will need to do in a bit, brain-dump list. Do you need to buy an outfit? Do you need to book a hair appointment? Do you need to shave before? Write down everything and anything you could possibly need to do before the event and get organised. Prioritising what is important for the event will save you from stress. For example, having a wedding in 3 weeks that you want to lose 10kg for is maybe not the most realistic thing, but knowing that you can have a facial before, buy a killer dress and turning up calm will make the whole event fun and not a source of anxiety.


Obviously, drinking water is a big thing that no one does well, blah blah blah, but it is especially important when it comes to big events. For the week before, aim for at minimum 2L a day and notice how much your skin is glowing by the day. Thank me later.



Before a big event, there is no use trying brand new skincare. Stick with what you know makes your skin clear, untextured and glowy, and use it well for the weeks/days prior. Make sure to exfoliate the night before and really, really moisturise it before makeup application.


You may need to book a hair appointment for something like a wedding, so make sure you get on that asap as salons fill up quickly. Make sure when you wash your hair the night before you skip the conditioner so that your curls hold for longer. Doing some really great hair masks in the weeks prior may also help your hair look great!


Go get your eyebrows waxed, your top lip done, your tan on point. Do whatever you have to do to get your skin glowing and smooth, and notice how great you feel when you’re wearing your banging outfit without worrying that you forgot to shave your legs. A big exfoliate the night before with generous amounts of moisturiser will also make you glow.


Nothing says “I am not ready for this event” like chipped nail polish. You don’t have to get a set of acrylics, but a fresh lick of nail polish and top coat should do the trick.


Make sure before an event you’re mindful of appointments. If you have laser done, and you react quite red after, maybe reschedule so your legs aren’t lobster bright in your mini dress. This comes back to planning, but just remember to be smart about it.

If you have a day’s notice…

If you have an experience like I had in early June where I was told on Thursday I had to go to a ball on Friday (and had 25 minutes to get ready for it), follow these steps:

-jump in the shower, shave, exfoliate, do a hardcore hair mask
-tan (if you need it)
-exfoliate face
-moisturising face mask (NOT extracting, you WILL break out)
-skull as much water as possible
-get a good 8 hours sleep
-write out everything you need to do
-do it

I hope this was helpful!

Zoe x

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How To: Stop Biting Your Nails

For as long as I can remember, I have always bitten my nails. So trust me when I say, it’s a BITCH of a habit to break. But, since my nails are somewhat decent these days, I thought it was only right to share my secrets on how to stop for good!

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Get Shellac

This is absolutely the key to it for me. Considering I can’t bite shellac off – and it’s reasonably good for strengthening your nails – paying $40 to get it done was worth it for me. Once your nails gain a bit of length, you won’t want to bite them anymore.

Anti-Biting Paints

These work, but the taste lingers forever and it’s disgusting. My tip is to use a nail strengthener like Herome, as it contains formaldehyde. This way, you won’t just not want to bite your nails, you know you’ll make yourself sick if you succumb.



Distract Your Hands

One of the best tips I ever got was to wear a worry bead bracelet and rings that I could play with instead. A lot of the habit stems from having something to do with your hands, so give them something to do that isn’t tearing off your nails.



Invest in a Good Quality Nail File

I had the manicare crystal nail file for YEARS, and it helped. Such a beautiful nail file really was wasted on bitten nails, so I grew them out for the sole purpose of using the file. Petty? Absolutely. Did it work? You bet.

Paint Your Nails Frequently and Well

Spend time painting your nails, and change up the colour every few days. This means you won’t want to bite them, as you put so much effort into making them look nice. Check out my favourite colours of the moment here 🙂


Consciously Try to Break the Habit

Try and realise why you do it. Is it stress? Is it just habit? Why do you bite your nails? Keep  track of when you have the urge to do it to find out, then you can fix that part of your life.

I hope this was helpful!

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My Favourite Nail Polishes

I am one of those people who paint my nails every couple of days, because nail polish doesn’t stick to me. Even gel only lasts about a week. Still, that means I get to mix up my nail polish pretty often, which I love. Does anyone else find painting their nails super relaxing like I do?

Even though these nail polishes still don’t last as long as they claim to, the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine range is by far my favourite range of polishes. They’re really inexpensive, have a huge colour range and definitely do last longer than the regular nail paint. Below are my favourites as of right now.



Shades L-R: Blueberry, Prickly Pear, Huckleberry, Rose Hip & Plumpy Top Coat.

I also love this nail file and buffer from Sportsgirl, which is not only cute and super small, but it’s actually a really good file.


Hope you enjoyed!

Zoe x

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