My Festive Relaxation Routine • Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

The silly season is named so for a good reason, and it is only natural that it is a high stress period in terms of family, finance and just general business. Due to this, it is more important during this time than ever to give yourself an opportunity to relax. So when times are getting a bit overwhelming, this is the relaxation routine I will do to reset and give myself pause in a busy day. If you want to see more like this, My Relaxation Routine went down very well, so go check that out too!

The first thing I’ll do is put on some comfy clothes and turn my phone off. This doesn’t mean silent, it means completely off. I don’t want anyone to contact me, and I don’t want any of my social media to distract me when I’m trying to be mindful.



If I’m feeling particularly angry, I’ll have a hard workout and sweat it all away. If not, I’ll go for a long walk. Either way, exercise during the festive season is paramount as we aren’t exactly our healthiest, are we?


After this, I might take a long shower or bath, and really take time to look after my body, by exfoliating or washing my hair. Being in the water does wonders.


Lighting a relaxing candle that smells fresh and not too sweet can immediately put me in a calmer state of mind.


Alongside this, using an essential oil in lavender on my pulse points (wrists, behind my ears, temples) gets the relaxing scents going and makes relaxing practically impossible.


Brewing a herbal tea is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the moment. I try and take my time drinking it, being grateful for every sip. I like to do this outside, as sometimes what is making us stressed is being cooped up inside. Fresh air can work miracles, and people watching or simply observing nature at work in your own yard can really put your stress in perspective. A good way to help sort out your mind is journalling, so while I’m drinking my tea, I try and figure out the exact cause of my stress, and work on ways I can help resolve it. Just writing it all out – or drawing it if you’re that way inclined – has some kind of magic powers, I swear.


Is there anything else that you do to relax over the silly season? Let me know!

Merry Christmas, come chat!


DIY Present Idea – Bath Bombs • Blogmas

Welcome to my Blogmas! I love Christmas so much, and the best way to celebrate is with Christmas related posts every day at 5pm WordPress time until the 25th! Hope you enjoy!

Today I’m starting my DIY presents series! A great gift regardless of age or gender is anything bath/spa related, so I thought I’d give making my own bath bombs a go!

A lot of recipes call for citric acid and cream of tartar, which I had neither of, so I experimented with a much simpler recipe. Of course, you can always add whatever to these bath bombs, like epsom salts or oils of your choice, but I’ve gone as simple as I possibly could! The recipe below I halved to make four big bath bombs, but could definitely have made eight little ones.


2 cups bicarbonate of soda
1 cup  baking soda
1 – 2 tbs canola, coconut or almond oil
food colouring
essential oils of your choice (I used lavendar, peppermint and vanilla)
water in a spray bottle
bits for inside the bath bomb, such as lavendar
silicone moulds – you could use ice cube trays, but I used silicone cupcake moulds

IMG_1459 (2).JPG


Mix the dry ingredients and make sure they are all finely ground before adding your oil, food colouring and essential oils. Mix well, and then begin to add sprays of water and mix until you can indent the mixture and leave a shape. When this occurs, you are able to spoon the mixture into your moulds and add your extra bits. Leave to set, as they will go harder with time. Make sure you use within a couple of weeks or they will lose their fizz!


The purple ones are lavendar scented with crushed lavendar within, the beige is vanilla and the green is peppermint!

I packaged them in cute tartan cupcake cases and stacked them in a cute jar. I think this worked well because it keeps them fresh and catches any crumbles that fall off.



Merry Christmas, come chat!


How To: Make Your Room Relaxing

Your room is your sanctuary. This applies to anyone, but more so if you still live at home and your room is where your entire life is stored and happens. Since I live with my best friend (and have for two years), I have been lucky enough to make my entire house a great place to live, but I’ll often have a ‘sorting my life out’ day, where I get my room back in order from the stresses of university/work/social life and I never fail to feel calmer in it. You want your room to be that one place that is separate from the drama of your everyday life, and is the place that you can relax and be yourself. Hopefully some of these ideas help you to do so 🙂

  1. Candles. I mean, is anyone not going to mention this? If you don’t like candles themselves, opt for an oil burner with wither wax melts or essential oils, incense or a room diffuser. Scent makes a huge difference.
  2. Clean the fuck up. Your room needs to be tidy and hygienic for you to feel like your life is in order, and therefore, to be relaxed. This does not mean it needs to be spotless constantly, as that’s impossible for most of us. I just mean, set aside a few hours and tidy, dust, vacuum, and wipe down your vanity and desk. All it takes is the lack of dust for us to breathe easier and automatically feel more relaxed.
  3. Clean out clutter. Following on from number two, cleaning out unused clothes, books, games, stationary – anything – will instantly make you feel more accomplished and less cluttered in your mind. A lot of people probably need the things you’re going to give away.
  4. Use old fabric. I have a few bookshelves that I use for storing things like candles, hair tools, uni stuff and my printer, and those things I don’t particularly want to be displayed. So, I came up with the idea of using these bits of fabrics to cover them up, which are really pretty of course, but also add colour and softness to the room, which I really enjoy.
  5. Put things on display that you enjoy. If your room makes you feel like it’s only full of things you don’t like, you need to change that. Grab what you love most, be it makeup, your perfumes, your books, clothes, etc, and put them on display. That way, when you see these things, you will automatically feel happier, and basically condition yourself to feel calmer in your room. Here’s how I store my perfumes alongside my memory board.


  6. Make your bed. I legit never used to do this, because I thought, what’s the point? And I totally understand that when you’re in school/uni, you just don’t have the time or the energy. I only really recommend this to people who spend a lot of time in their room/home, by studying, working or such, because when you finally do get into bed, you aren’t just rolling into it. There’s actually a distinction between waking and sleeping, so your room feels calm, but not tiring. Does that make any sense? Feel like I’m rambling here hahah
  7. Fairy lights. Fairy lights, like décor and candles, change the mood of your room in a crazy way, and I love having mine on when I’m just chilling out, reading a book or listening to music. 20160110_173332.jpg
  8. A lot of people will tell you to make your bedroom a tech-free zone, but I certainly don’t have that option when my phone is my alarm, so I need it on my bedside table, and my desk is in my room. Therefore, I say try and ease back on the phone/computer like an hour before bed, so that you can distinguish the difference between awake time and sleep time.
  9. Music. Playing a simply youtube mix of classical/chill music will instantly change the mood of your room, and help you feel much more relaxed.

Thanks so much for reading!

Zoe x

How To: Have a Pamper Night on a Budget

It’s true, as a 19 year old university student, I can barely find the money to buy a bottle of water, let alone buy every single Lush bath bomb and Kiehl’s face masks! Yet, I still definitely need a relaxing night to myself every now and then when I feel myself drowning under the weight of assessments and my two jobs. So, here I thought I’d share my tips for having a cheap pamper night!

First things first – the bath. I’m lucky enough to have a bath in my apartment, although if you live somewhere without one like a college dorm, you can still relax! My favourite thing to do is have a long shower where I take my time to wash my hair and body, etc. To make it a bit different, I like getting a wash cloth and putting a few drops of essential oils on it and laying that on the floor of the shower – the steam helps the smell carry throughout the shower and gives the same effect as having sweet candles on the rim of your bath.

For my bath, I buy the big, cheap and cheerful litre worth of bubble bath. Although I love the idea of awesome looking bath bombs, I don’t see the point in spending my money on them, so I go for this instead. This one from coles cost me less than $2! If you really like fragranced baths, try adding essential oils or burning a highly fragranced candle.


In the bath, I love to use a great exfoliator. I made this one myself (and put it into a pasta jar I painted gold) with brown sugar and olive oil. That is literally it –  it is practically free, smells fantastic and works a charm. You can always add some essential oils in there as well, or even maybe some oats.

To shave, I love using a shower oil, though these can get very pricey. As an alternative, I use baby oil. It works just as well and always leaves my skin feeling super soft.


I always follow up with a moisturiser, and my favourite is the Franjapani body butter from The Body Shop.


I always opt for face masks that a come in tubes rather than the little pouches as they last a whole lot longer. This one is one of my favourites.


There’s nothing better than simply relaxing, watching a TV show or movie or listening to music and reading a book. Sometimes we all just need it, but this doesn’t mean Glasshouse candles and expensive moisturisers. Tealights and Netflix will always do the job 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how I relax myself on a budget! Also I am so sorry about the poor quality of these photos, I can’t find my good camera and my phone wasn’t cooperating!