Blogmas Day 1 | My December Bullet Journal

I have been more absent than ever on this blog and I do feel bad about it, but when you blog as a full-time job, doing it for yourself kind of loses its magic. That said, I absolutely love Christmas (as any long-time readers would know), so I thought it was only fitting to crack open the ol’ laptop and spill some Christmassy words from my brain into your brain. I will only be doing 20 days of Blogmas this year as I am not only working full time during the period, I also have three interstate trips booked, 5 concerts and more than a few events 😳 Please bear with me, but also please enjoy the festivities ❄️

Without further ado, here is my December Bullet Journal:



I used to Bullet Journal back in 2017, but I wasn’t very good, nor did I really know what I was going. Giving up in the later months, I decided on a planner for 2018 but quickly realised how much I missed the freedom a bullet journal provides. So, in November I decided to go back to a bujo but really put the effort in to make it beautiful so I would enjoy creating and using it. Last month I tried out a lavender theme and loved it, but this month I went full Christmas (obviously).




I didn’t theme the month too specifically, I kept with the jumper/mitten/beanie/baking theme a lot to get all those cozy vibes going, but I tried to theme each spread more than the entire month. I felt that this gave me more freedom to get creative and I love the way it came out! I did some fun spreads like my quotes and nutcracker and added some little details like the flight numbers section as I have looooads of flight this month.



I used a pencil to doodle, a Miniso gel pen to draw and then I erased the pencil. I used Faber Castell Manga brush tips for calligraphy and some colouring, as well as Crayola Supertip markers. My journal is a dotted A5 from Officeworks.



Much love and I hope you’re feeling festive! Happy first day of December ❤

Zoe x

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Festive Bucketlist | Blogmas 2017

This is the first in my 12 days of Blogmas series! Every other day until Christmas I will be posting something festive for you all to enjoy 🙂

Today I’m kicking things off with a festive themed bucket list! These are all the things I want to do before Christmas and hopefully they’ll get you in a festive mood.

1.Decorate For Christmas

Not gonna lie, I got ahead of myself on this one and can already cross it off. Whoops.

2. Watch Christmas Movies I Haven’t Seen Yet

The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Grinch, Bad Santa, Four Christmasses… I can’t believe I haven’t seen these. I need to get on it!

3. Bake Christmas Cookies

Check out my recipe for the BEST rolled sugar cookies here!

4. See The Christmas Lights At Night

There’s nothing quite like going on a drive around your neighbourhood and seeing all the Christmas lights people have put up, or even having a wander around your city and looking at all the fun things there are up for the festive season!

5. Decide on Wrapping Theme

Last year it was brown paper and string… I don’t know what to do this year but it’s a goal to pick a theme and get everything I need for it!

6. Burn My Bath & Bodyworks Christmas Candles

I have Merry Cookie, Vanilla Snowflake and Vanilla Bean that I am dying to burn for Christmas!

7. Buy a Christmas Outfit for my Dogs

My poor dogs have a couple of Christmas outfits now, and I think it’s only fitting that they get another about now…

8. Listen to all the Pentatonix Christmas albums

Pentatonix do the best Christmas music in my opinion and I can’t wait to spend an hour or two just marathoning their albums!

9. Have A Christmas Movie Night In A Blanket Fort

With my baking, movies and candles, the only thing that could make a Christmas night complete would be a blanket fort! What more could I want?

10. Watch Vlogmas Every Morning

This is a necessity for me every year – I love waking up on December 2nd to all the vlogmas videos! My favourites are (of course) Zoella, Tanya Burr & Alisha Marie.

What’s on your Christmas bucket list?


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Zoe x

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Conquer Your Creative Projects

As some of you may know, I am a writer by trade. Although I’ve been writing forever, I find that beating the insecurities and procrastination that come with attempting any creative project and actually sitting down and doing the thing is HARD. Sometimes you just don’t feel like it, and we are very good at convincing ourselves we deserve a break. This type of mentality, however, doesn’t get shit done. Although the creative process definitely comes with many hurdles, and the flow of creativity ebbs and flows, we do have the capacity to push through and keep going. If we wait for motivation to find us, we will never get to where we want to go. Creativity and motivation are those strange types of things that once you start, it becomes easier and easier to keep going with good results. Throughout my time writing my novels, I have learnt a few crucial lessons that apply to completing any creative project, and I want to share them with you.

You just have to start. 

You can’t edit a blank page.
This is my absolute motto for writing. If I don’t write anything, I have nothing to edit later. I can spend three hours writing and it can be absolute shit, but at least I’ve got something to work on. I’ve spent weeks on one chapter just to scrap it, and that’s okay! Without starting in the first place, I wouldn’t learn what works and what doesn’t. So, sit your ass down and just start making your thing.

Block out times.

Following on from my first point, block out times to get it done. Fuck waiting for motivation, because you’ll wait forever. I like to set a timer (the forest app is very good for this as it has a little animated tree that you kill by going off task) and just sit down and do it until the timer runs out. I can be really not feeling creative at all, but if I at least write one good line, that’s a line I hadn’t written before.

Don’t fall into miracle traps. 

We always want to get things done faster, better, more efficiently. But, for a creative process, there are no shortcuts. The only way you will get to where you want to go is with complete and utter dedication, hard work and resilience. There are no miracles in this life, and you are responsible for your own success.

Make sure you are always being inspired. 

Although motivation isn’t necessary, creativity is. So, make sure you are always creative, even if you don’t FEEL creative. Take a notebook and pen with you everywhere and write down anything that inspires you. That strange conversation you overheard at your local cafe could make a brilliant artwork one day, so fuel your creativity and overload yourself with ideas.

Don’t ever stop working on your craft. 

Never think you are good enough to stop learning your craft. I read about two books a a week to improve my writing style, vocab and sentence flow. I am constantly consuming movies, tv shows and youtube videos in my genre of work. I am reading articles at least three times a day on relevant things. I am making sure that my writing is never neglected and I practice, practice, practice. You can never be too good at what you do, so never stop improving it.

Surround yourself with all the things. 

For inspiration help, I love to keep a corkboard with a whole heap of random stuff relating to my novels on it. You could have a moodboard, pictures, even a pinterest board, but make sure you are surrounded by things that pertain to your project. You can’t forget about it or pretend you don’t have to do it when it’s looking you dead in the eye.

Use your peers to help you. 

Getting peer feedback from honest friends is a sure fire way to help you figure out your path. I have a select few friends and family that read my work and help me out, as I can get so stuck in my own head that I miss things when I edit myself. There is also nothing as motivating as having a friend say “hey, this is really good!”

Remind yourself why you are doing this. 

Why are you doing this project? Are you bored? Are you working for a school/work/uni project? Are you being paid? Is it a hobby? Are you working towards an end goal? Make sure you know why you are spending your time on this thing every time you lose sight of your motivation. It doesn’t matter even if your answer is something as basic as “I’m bored” because if you don’t do the creative thing, you’ll still be bored. Reasoning is the biggest motivator, so keep in mind the why and the rest will follow.

What are your biggest creative tips?

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Zoe x

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How To: Prepare For A Big Event

I sat down to write this post in June, when I had recently had my brother’s wedding, my graduation and a last minute (literally the night before) university ball, but things came up, I forgot to finish writing it, you know how it is. Life happens. But, finally, I have the time and motivation to get it done which I think is a great thing – as it comes into Spring for Southern Hemisphere folk we have spring races and summer parties to prep for, while everyone has end of year parties, fall, Halloween, Christmas, everything. There is literally no better time to talk about prepping for events than now – so this all worked out well in the end!




My first big tip is to plan out all the things you will need to do in a bit, brain-dump list. Do you need to buy an outfit? Do you need to book a hair appointment? Do you need to shave before? Write down everything and anything you could possibly need to do before the event and get organised. Prioritising what is important for the event will save you from stress. For example, having a wedding in 3 weeks that you want to lose 10kg for is maybe not the most realistic thing, but knowing that you can have a facial before, buy a killer dress and turning up calm will make the whole event fun and not a source of anxiety.


Obviously, drinking water is a big thing that no one does well, blah blah blah, but it is especially important when it comes to big events. For the week before, aim for at minimum 2L a day and notice how much your skin is glowing by the day. Thank me later.



Before a big event, there is no use trying brand new skincare. Stick with what you know makes your skin clear, untextured and glowy, and use it well for the weeks/days prior. Make sure to exfoliate the night before and really, really moisturise it before makeup application.


You may need to book a hair appointment for something like a wedding, so make sure you get on that asap as salons fill up quickly. Make sure when you wash your hair the night before you skip the conditioner so that your curls hold for longer. Doing some really great hair masks in the weeks prior may also help your hair look great!


Go get your eyebrows waxed, your top lip done, your tan on point. Do whatever you have to do to get your skin glowing and smooth, and notice how great you feel when you’re wearing your banging outfit without worrying that you forgot to shave your legs. A big exfoliate the night before with generous amounts of moisturiser will also make you glow.


Nothing says “I am not ready for this event” like chipped nail polish. You don’t have to get a set of acrylics, but a fresh lick of nail polish and top coat should do the trick.


Make sure before an event you’re mindful of appointments. If you have laser done, and you react quite red after, maybe reschedule so your legs aren’t lobster bright in your mini dress. This comes back to planning, but just remember to be smart about it.

If you have a day’s notice…

If you have an experience like I had in early June where I was told on Thursday I had to go to a ball on Friday (and had 25 minutes to get ready for it), follow these steps:

-jump in the shower, shave, exfoliate, do a hardcore hair mask
-tan (if you need it)
-exfoliate face
-moisturising face mask (NOT extracting, you WILL break out)
-skull as much water as possible
-get a good 8 hours sleep
-write out everything you need to do
-do it

I hope this was helpful!

Zoe x

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My Apartment Tour!

I’ve been in my apartment for almost nine months, and every time I go to write this post I throw up a bit in my mouth thinking about how clean the whole place has to be before I photograph it. But, I’ve realised that I’m a human being who lives in this place and works in it, so things will never look pinterest-dreamy without three days of intense cleaning and decorating and a professional photoshoot. So, I decided to wholeheartedly FUCK THAT, and photograph it as is to show you guys! It’s not super clean, it’s not expensive or #goals or anything, it’s just a nice, cute apartment for a 21 year old girl where everything is affordable and (in my opinion) cozy and stylish. I hope this post helps you with a bit of inspo, and helps you to remember that pinterest and whatever are fragments of life – they aren’t real. I hope you enjoy!

When you first walk into my apartment, this is what you see. The door on the left leads to the bathroom, the one on the right is the laundry cupboard, and then down the hallway is the kitchen on the right and lounge room on the left, with the dining tucked against the wall. Through the door is my bedroom with study nook, and to the left of that is my balcony, which opens into the study and living room. It’s super light and quite big for one person, and I’m just in love!


Living Room




Couch, TV: 2nd hand from family
Fairy Lights: Kmart
Salt Lamp: gift
Clock: boutique
Dark Bookcase & TV unit: Fantastic Furniture
‘Reserved’ Cushion: Kmart, Other Cushions are thrifted
Light Bookcase & Coffee Table: IKEA
Diffuser: kmart
Frames: IKEA
Hanging Shelf: Kmart



Table: 2nd hand from family
Plant: gift (Aloe Vera)
Pot: Target
Sunglasses: My Sunglasses Collection
Quote holder: Kikki K




Kettle, Toaster, chopping boards: Kmart
Rug: boutique

Desk & Reading/Beauty Area




Desk: fantastic furniture
Desk hair (not pictured): officeworks
Lamp: Gift
Storage unit: fantastic furniture
Makeup storage: officeworks (lipstick holders are Miniso)






Bed, bedside tables, bedding: IKEA
Fairy Lights: Kmart
Lamp: The Reject Shop
Plant: Kmart
Dreamcatcher: gift
Framed quote: Kmart
Mirror: gift
Curtain lights: gift
Tapestry: bought in India



Canvas torage pots: reject shop






Outdoor setting: Barbara’s Storehouse
Plants & Succulents: gifts

If you have any questions about where anything is from that I haven’t listed, please ask away!

Zoe x

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October Bullet Journal | 2017

You guys seem to really like my bullet journal posts – so I thought I’d keep going with them! I recently set out my spread for October and I really enjoyed the process. I hope you like it too!

My theme for this month was lavender, as it’s a pretty busy month for me, so I picked something easy to draw and accent with colour. Plus, it’s super calming and very pretty!



I kept my monthly goals and blog/book I’m currently writing trackers as I’ve done previously, and accented them with my purple crayola supertip and a little pot of lavender.


Again, if you’ve read my previous bujo posts, you’ll recognise this layout. It just works so well for me! I have the grid layout for keeping track of the days, a monthly overview and a finance tracker. I actually switched up the tracker this month to incoming/outgoing money as with an overseas trip coming up, I really need to get serious about saving!


This style of mood tracker and habit tracker worked so well for me last month, so I decided to keep it the same for this month. I love how colourful this page becomes!


I’m not entirely sold on this layout – I think it’s a bit too busy? I love the idea of the boxes, but maybe next time I won’t colour in the drop shadows. What do you think?

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Zoe x

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